Iran India

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Iran India As maintained by BBC World Service Poll conducted at the end of 2005, 71% of Iranians evaluated India’s impact positively, the most positive score of India for any country in the world. Also, because Iran being on upright terms with both India … Read More

Iran Bulgaria

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Iran Bulgaria The place of origin of the Ancient Bulgarians is most likely Eastern Iran, a group of researchers and scientists have demanded after an investigative journey to the Persian lands. Our marketing manager, Mr. Sepehr Ghaffari attended in a … Read More

Iran Pakistan

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Iran Pakistan After Pakistan became independent in August 1947, Iran was the first country to distinguish its self-governing status. Nonetheless, economic and trade relations persistent led to increase in both absolute and relative terms, resulting in the signing of a Free Trade Agreement among the … Read More

Freeze dried herbs

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Amazing Facts About Freeze Dried Herbs What are freeze dried herbs? what is the difference between herbs and freeze dried herbs? The answers to these questions and everything you need to know about freeze dried herbs are here. Herbs are … Read More

Saffron price

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What makes saffron so expensive? Saffron price and saffron quality are two important factors. So, Saffron with bad quality leads to loss of real properties of saffron. Saffron especially Iranian saffron is widely used as a spice and as a coloring and flavoring agent … Read More