About Us

SunSeas Business Group” is an international business-trading group specializing in providing the best solutions for supplying the best raw materials for industrial factories, extending their products market, investing and financing on their projects for growing in global market and develop in the entire world.

We, “SunSeas Business Group”, also help the industry in order to develop market, introduce Iranian goods feature in the world and demonstrate the capabilities of Iranian producer. In fact, we, “SunSeas Business Group”, is a bridge between industries and markets.

Our main activity, is supplying raw materials for industry, market expansion and marketing, and also investment and financial assistance for the progress and development.

We attempt to import the raw material and export Iranian goods. This export generally was about raw materials to the Middle East Countries, Chinese, Malaysian, and German traders. But our main goal is attempting to export of Iranian made goods with high global quality to all part of the world.

We, “SunSeas Business Group”, will decide to establish and active a new Export department that focused on specially goods such as Dried Nuts, Dates, Fruits, and so on, for introduce Iranian quality to the world.

Now, we make a new brand for export Dates to all the world named “Nakhil Dates“. And also, for export Date products, we make “GreenPalm” brand. and for export Dried Nuts, we make “PersiaNuts” brand.

We still believe that our country, Iran, can be the central point of international trade for all matters in the world and all attempts of “SunSeas Business Group” is that by using the toll of respecting the costumers, accuracy and rapidness.


Iran is the Best Point for International Trading in the World with high potential.