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Iranian dates prices |Dates Fruit prices

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Iranian Dates - Iranian dates prices |Dates Fruit  prices

Types of Iranian exported dates

Iran has a high dates production variety. This variety includes planting area, taste, appearance, color and size, moisture content, and price. Generally, we classify Iranian dates into two categories based on production volume: commercial and non-commercial. The best commercial Dates include Mazafati dates, Piarom dates, Sayer dates, Kabkab dates, Kaloteh dates, Zahedi dates, Rabbi dates, Khasooyi dates, and Shahani dates.

The southern provinces of Iran have the largest share of dates production. The most important of these provinces include Kerman, Sistan, and Baluchestan, Khuzestan, Fars, Bushehr, Hormozgan. Each of these provinces is known for producing several specific categories of dates. For example, we can mention the Mazafati dates of the Bam and the Kaluteh dates of Jiroft in Kerman province.


What factors do make a difference between dates?

The main difference between dates is the type of sugar and the amount of water or moisture. The total amount of sugar in diverse varieties of dates is different, but it is not much and is a few percent.

The sugars in dates are fructose, glucose (reducing sugars), and sucrose. Fresh and soft dates have less sucrose than dried dates but have more reducing sugars and water. Generally, soft and fresh dates have less energy than dried and semi-dried dates.


The best types of Iranian dates for exporting

Generally, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, and Iran have the highest area under date cultivation. Due to the variety of dates grown in Iran, many Iranian dates export to other parts of the world. The famous dates have exported from Iran to other countries include Mazafati, Piarom, Kabkab, Sayer, Zahedi, Shahani, Kaluteh, and Rabbi dates. They are the best types of Iranian dates and have the highest rate in export.

Piarom Dates

The size of these dates is medium to large. Piarom dates are classified as semi-dry dates. It has a brown color,15%moisture, and wrinkled skin

PiaromDates - Iranian dates prices |Dates Fruit  prices
mazafatidates - Iranian dates prices |Dates Fruit  prices

 Mazafati Dates

This date has a soft texture. It has a medium size,  20% moisture content, black skin, and pleasant taste.

Rabbi Dates

Rabbi dates are less sweet than Mazafati dates and have good taste.

is tastier than Mazafati dates. Its color is dark brown with a wrinkled appearance and semi-dry with thin skin. When it is high in moisture, it is tastier than Mazafati dates. Its color is dark brown with a wrinkled appearance and semi-dry with thin skin.

RabbiDates price - Iranian dates prices |Dates Fruit  prices
Zahedidates - Iranian dates prices |Dates Fruit  prices Zahedi Dates

This date is a type of semi-dry date, and its color is yellowish-brown. It is high in sugar. It usually is exported to the Middle East, India, and Pakistan.

Sayer Dates

Sayer dates have unique nutritional, light brown color, and a humidity of 18%. These dates are a class of semi-dry dates with a sweet taste and medium size.

SayerDates - Iranian dates prices |Dates Fruit  prices
KabkabDates - Iranian dates prices |Dates Fruit  prices Kabkab Dates

This Date is the best date for consumption in the food industry. Kebab dates are also in good condition in terms of export and have been able to gain a good position in the Russian markets of India and Pakistan.

Kebab dates are large and have a soft and sweet texture. They have a good taste, a light brown color, and a moisture content of about 18%.

Shahani Dates

This type of date has elongated fruits and has a narrow tip and golden yellow color. Shahani dates are in the category of wet dates and have many fans.

ShahaniDates price - Iranian dates prices |Dates Fruit  prices
khasooyi - Iranian dates prices |Dates Fruit  prices Khasooyi dates

Khasooyi dates are high-grade dates and sweet fruit. The color of the fruit is red, and its size is small.



What are the most expensive Iranian dates?

Among all types of Iranian dates, Piarom is one of the best and most expensive export dates. Piarom dates are grown in the southern regions of Iran. These dates are grown in “Hormozgan” and southern “Fars” provinces and are the best native dates in Iran. The price of this date is much higher than other types of dates.

For example, comparing the price of Mazafati dates with Piarom dates: Mazafati dates price at an average of is $ 2 in world markets, but Piarom price at around is $ 6, which is much higher than the Mazafati figure. Piarom is the most expensive export date in Iran.

piarom 2 - Iranian dates prices |Dates Fruit  prices

Some Reasons for the popularity of Piarom dates

  • The deliciousness and fleshy appearance of these dates
  • The semi-dry appearance makes it used as a snack.
  • The main sugar of this date is fructose, which people suffering from obesity and diabetes can easily use this date.
  •  more minerals than other dates
  • Limited amount of these dates


The price of Iranian dates

Iranian dates price for export depends on the type, quality, and grade level of dates. Piarom dates are the most expensive, and Shahani dates are the cheapest in Iran. Dates buyer or Dates wholesaler needs to customize his Dates price, but the market regulations may change the price.


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