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Buy Iranian Dates (The Best Tips To Know With Order Advice!)

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Buy Iranian Fresh dates From Best Iran Date company!

One of the most important questions about dates is where to buy Iranian dates?
With some research, it is clear that Iranian dates are the world’s best dates. A large variety of Iranian dates and its high quality, many companies and many businessmen are interested in buying these dates. To answer this question, first, we need to know the characteristics of the dates, and the companies that provide these dates with this kind of distinction. This article will give you all your goals.

Persian Dates

Dates are one of the most important crops in Iran. A large amount of it is exported annually to different countries around the world. The type of dates in the market of Iran and the world is not low. The dates are definitely not the same and have the same differences, these differences are related to the type of dates. The dates are mainly based on three types of dry, semi-dried and wet dates. The overall nutritional value of all three types is high. Dry, semi-dried or semi-wet dates are not dry due to the use of certain processes. In fact, dry dates and dates are semi-dry dates of natural dates that grow on palm trees and thus they should be picked up and packed and sold. Dry dates, for example, have more iron or calories than semi-arid dates. Similarly, semi-dry dates have more calories and iron than wet dates.

Where to Buy Iranian dates?

Iran is one of the world’s largest producer of dates, and the variety of dates is very high. Today, the date is called Piarom as the best date in the world. These dates are cultivated only in Haji Abad, Hormozgan province.
But nevertheless, the dates are one of the best Iranian dates. The dates of Shahani, Mazafati(Bam dates), Rabbi date, Khasoyi, and Kabkab are also very popular dates in Iran and the world.

Unfortunately, due to incorrect methods of harvesting, a lot of dates are lost. Some companies bring more residual dates to the market. Traditional packaging methods or inappropriate methods of harvesting and packaging also reduce the quality of the dates. While the nutritional value of fresh dates is so high that no nutritionist can deny it.
So you should look at the best of the two views: The best type of dates to buy and The best dates type. 

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In some date-producing companies, many people using traditional and unsafe methods. It also does not use dishes and appliances that are not suitable for keeping dates. They store the date in the worst environments and carry out transport and date separation in the worst possible way. For these reasons, the quality of the dates is reduced. The Food and Drug Administration also strongly recommends purchasing dates from reputable companies.
Dates are viscous and easily absorb contaminants.

If not well washed and packed, all of these contaminants will destroy the dates tissue. After opening the dates, rinse them thoroughly from the packaging. Dates are also sensitive to temperature conditions and should not be kept in a warm or moist environment. the presence of sour spice or spicy on some dates indicates that they are not kept in good condition and packed. These dates are corrupt and unusable.

Dry dates can remain at ambient temperature. If the weather is very hot, the chances of a date spoil are high. So keep it cool. The fresh dates should be in the refrigerator, otherwise, they will become sour and corrupt after a while. Dates stay healthy at about 0 ° C for about six months to one year. If you have a lot of dates, you can freeze them and keep them for a long time.

It’s better to smell it when you shop from the store and when you’ve kept the date in the refrigerator for some time. This fruit is very quick to smell other food and sometimes becomes unusable. Do not pick dates that are squeezed and shattered to buy. Because the pressure destroys the fruit’s texture.


So the best date is the date that is prepared using the best and most advanced washing and packaging equipment. These dates are also available in specified packages with a specific brand, with the date of production, expiry date, manufacturer’s code, standard logo and logo of the Food and Drug Organization, etc. In the meantime, these dates should be kept in the best condition and distributed with standard vehicles.

Buy Iranian dates online

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