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Mazafati Dates – One of the best Iranian dates

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Mazafati dates(Kimia dates) are one of the most delicious dates in the world.

Iran is the largest producer and exporter of dates in the world.

We intend to familiarize you with all the features of the best Mazafati dates.

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Mazafati Fresh Dates

One of the most important and popular varieties of Iranian dates is the Mazafati dates(Kimia dates). Due to its unique flavor, Mazafati fresh dates are one of the most valuable and most tasty dates in Iran and the world. Due to the high interest of the people, the Mazafati dates are good for it. Bam Kerman is the main producer of Mazafati dates in Iran. The high quality of the Bam dates is produced by the palms of this city. That’s why sometimes these dates are called Bam dates. Of course, Mazafati dates Iran are not only in Bam city and they are cultivated in other parts of the province of Kerman, Jiroft, Kahnuj, Saravan, some other areas of Sistan and Baluchistan province.

This high-quality fruit for the people of European and American countries is somewhat unknown. Also, they consume it only in cakes, but it is used in the Middle East and especially in the Arab countries as a main dish.

Mazafati Dates Calories

Immediately after eating a kilogram of dates, 3470 calories of energy are produced in the body.
This amount of energy is very high compared to other fruits. The amount of energy produced in one kilogram of food is as follows:

Apricot Prune: 520 calories

Orange: 480 calories

Cooked rice: 1800 calories

Wheat Bread: 2295 calories

Banana: 970 calories

Undigested meat: 2245 calories

mazafatiaks - Mazafati Dates - One of the best Iranian dates

Mazafati Dates Benefits

But as you said, a kilo of date produces more than 3,000 calories. The daily intake of several dates, in addition to providing part of the energy required by the body, can provide some of the needed vitamins, such as potassium, iron, and magnesium. The medical and preventive properties of  Mazafati dates have been proven for many years, and daily intake of it can have a healthy effect. Mazafati dates are effective in maintaining the health of the nervous system, preventing night blindness and nerve stress. New medical studies show that dates also play an important role in the development of appetite, oral and lumbar health. Also, this date is cleaner for the liver and kidneys. (For more information about health benefits of dates)

The high moisture content of this product makes it softer in normal conditions. Given that soft dates have less energy, it is more recommended for obese and diabetic patients. The amount of moisture in fresh dates is high, and sometimes more than half the weight of the dates. This amount of water makes it impossible to keep the dates for a long time and constrains its transportation and packaging. By drying dates in traditional and industrial methods, the amount of water in it decreases to increase its storage capacity.

Mazafati Date keeping Method

In the refrigerator, the growth of microbes and the activity of enzymes are less than outside the refrigerator. Due to the fact that dates have a lot of carbohydrates (sugars), it is a good environment for the growth of microorganisms, especially yeasts. Methods used to prevent rust corruption include drying reducing the number of microorganisms. Drying reduces the weight and volume of the product and makes transporting and storage easier. On the one hand, it inhibits the growth and activity of microorganisms. It contributes to increasing the shelf life of the product, therefore, fresh Mazafati dates are placed in the refrigerator. In general, the date can be kept for about 8 months in the refrigerator, but keeping the dried dates out of the refrigerator and the containers in the package is not a problem. Dry dates can hold up to one year in the refrigerator.

Mazafati Dates vs Medjool

The Medjool date is famous for its pleasant taste and its large size(about 7 cm). These dates are categorized as soft dates, but compared to other dates in this group, the Medjool date is harder and more reactive. These features have a high commercial value for this type of date. The Mazafati dates are often black. These dates are from semi-humid dates with relative humidity between 15% and 35% depending on the time taken and the type and location of the planting.

Mazafati Dates Price In Iran

In terms of Iran dates exporters, according to the customs statistics of Iran, about 300 thousand tons of dates are exported from Iran to other countries each year. Iranian dates are much more economical than the previous decade. Despite its unique quality and a natural flavor, Iranian Mazafati dates have a more favorable price than those of other countries. The variety and high quality, as well as the reasonable Mazafati date price,  has caused the production of dates to be of great popularity in the world and has a high export value.

MAZAFATI DATES  - Mazafati Dates - One of the best Iranian dates

Mazafati Dates Supplier

Currently, some companies like Sunexport  (Iran Date Company) have made a great investment in this regard.
Our company, with the purchase of dates at a bargain price from the manufacturer, with the best quality without waste, and carrying dates with the best-refrigerated cars, will mark the  Mazafati date brand of Iran as the authentic brand in the world. To buy the best Iranian date, contact our experts at Sunexport Company today.