FMCG or Fast Moving Consumer Goods is a group of goods that we deal with every day. Food, detergents, health, and much more are available at supermarkets.
These products usually have expiration dates, such as snacks. because you always need them, such as health care, they should always be available to you.

FMCG Marketing strategy (New)

Usually, the margin of profit for the sale of high-consumption products is not too high in relation to other products. Producer and distributor profits come from a high sales volume.
The companies that produce FMCG distribution and of their products, follow three main goals:
The Most Branded Market: Ultimate Consumers Are Deciding To Buy Due To The Strong And Brand Of The Market. The more strong brand the site is in a geographic area, the more customers are encouraged to buy that product.
Product Quality: One of the main features of a product is its quality. The final consumers, after ensuring the novelty and quality of the product, buy it. Also, the proper packaging and appearance will have a great impact on the choice of a product.
Price of product distribution: The cost of distribution of products has a direct effect on the price of finished goods. So, the expansion of or FMCG is one of the most important components of commodity pricing. Thus, the productivity of the distribution of goods can play a fundamental role in reducing costs and the availability of product.

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FMCG product list

Corn flakes

One of the most popular breakfast cereals in the world is corn. It is considered a cereal of breakfast. The corn sheet was first made by John Harvey Colgue.

Ingredients of all corn flex maize products and cornflour. This product, along with milk, is a very nutritious meal.
some of these products contain grains without bran and sugar. Also, they are enriched with other vitamins and nutrients.

Tomato paste


Herbal tea

Saffron spray

Coated nuts

FMCG Company

Sunexport, the FMCG company, operates as one of the specialized companies in exporting and business FMCG. Today’s Sunexport Brand is a top-quality brand in many industries. Sunexport’s international company is improving the export of products and FMCG each year. Sunexport assures you economic nonetheless effective distribution services for your FMCG market. With the use of the right technology, assures you a competitive valuation and top quality service
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