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What products can be made from dates?

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datesproducts - What products can be made from dates?

The amount of dates production in Iran is high, so obtaining other dates products is very common. Which dates are good to produce dates products? Harvested dates classify in two ways.

Those Healthy dates are in the store in different grades for daily consumption. Those that are not suitable for our daily consumption or do not have a good appearance or the surplus of date packing factories are suitable for producing date products. Dates nectar, honey, and chocolate prepare with low-quality dates and used in the other food industry. Dates can also be used to make various cakes, breakfast, or put in bread.

Types of dates that are not suitable in appearance turn into date paste. This type of dough is used as a seasoning in preparing sauces, date cream, also filling biscuits, bread, and sweets. A Japanese confectionery and chocolate company invented a new method, that allowed to use of dates powder as a sweetener instead of sugar in chocolate. Because in capitalist and developed countries, there is great sensitivity in the use of children and adolescents in sweets containing sugar and its adverse effects on the teeth, the invention of this method has been well received.

In general, the high nutritional value of dates is important for human nutrition, especially for children and adolescents. Products can obtain from dates such as liquid sugar, syrup (glucose), ethyl alcohol, animal feed, date flour, date soda, which have unique properties of dates. Also is used those products for preparing bread, marmalade, candy, chocolate, the yeast. Also, use those products for preparing bread, marmalade, candy, chocolate, the yeast.

Products from dates

Date nectar - What products can be made from dates?


Date nectar

This nectar is a sweetie product relatively tart because of concentrate in 49C, amethystine and clear, completely refined, and beneficial for all age groups. Dates nectar contains all the soluble substances from dates. It uses in the beverage, chocolate, ice cream, marmalade, candy, and confectionery industries.

Date liquid sugar

 dates Liquid sugar is obtained in a natural process from date fruit without any additives. It is a refined syrup that all the salt is taken, and it is a mixture of sugars, glucose, fructose, sucrose. Dates sugar is obtained in a natural process from date fruit without any additives. The constituents of date sugar have the properties of date fruit and have home and industrial uses.

Home usage:

Date sugar can be used instead of white sugar directly in a variety of beverages such as tea, coffee, and milk, also in the preparation of jams, syrups, cakes, and pastries.

Industrial usage: This product uses to produce beverages, syrups, biscuits and cakes, dairy products, jams, beer, and sweets, for enhancing the nutritional value.

syrup - What products can be made from dates?

Date syrup

Dates syrup is a syrup that makes from the meat part of dates. Dates syrup is very similar to honey due to its soft texture, sweet aroma, and taste. It is a natural, healthy, and nutritious as honey, and you can use date syrup instead. Date juice is one of the essential dietary supplements to provide iron and other vitamins to the body.

Iran is one of the producers of dates worldwide, so producing syrup in the southern regions is common traditionally. But these days, dates syrup provides industrially and mechanized. You can find the best dates syrup in Iran.

Usage:  It uses for producing pastries and biscuits and instead of artificial sweeteners in the food industry. This syrup is a wonderful ingredient for different dishes in restaurants and bakeries, also can be used as a natural sweetener for coffees or beverages provided in public places in small packages.

Date Paste - What products can be made from dates?

Date paste

Dates paste is a processed product that makes from dates and is free of any artificial or unnatural additives due to the combination of several types of dates. When you want to buy date paste, you will find different colors such as yellow, brown, and black. Note that the color of date paste depends entirely on the type of dates used to prepare this product. If black dates use to make this product, the final product will be black.


Home: Use in the breakfast and afternoon snack, complementary foods, as the marmalade, and for producing home candy and cake.


Industrial: Use in the confectionery industries as the core of cake, biscuit, and cookies

Date vinegar

We are familiar with the properties of dates and vinegar, and we know that each alone has unique benefits. It is clear, vinegar made from dates also has unique properties that have made this product popular. This vinegar helps to lose weight, lower bad cholesterol, strengthen the heart, improve severe cough, and has anti-cancer properties. You can use it for food and salads or as a medicine in your daily diet.

Date Sauce - What products can be made from dates?

Date Sauce

Date sauce is a natural product from dates without any preservatives that contain date syrup, vinegar, salt, and spices. This sauce with a pleasant taste can add a different flavor to your food.

Date cream

Pasteurized and processed products from dates. 80% of this cream (Dates chocolates) makes from dates and the rest of dry milk and cocoa. Dates cream is a nutritious and healthy dessert that you can use in breakfast and snacks.


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