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Are Dates Good for Weight Loss?

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An unavoidable part of a weight loss journey is diet and exercise. The essential point is that you have to be very particular about what you eat while trying to lose that extra weight. The food items should be nutritious and low in calories, exactly why you should add these chewy little brown fruits into your daily diet. Dates are one of the fruits which can play the complete food role because rich in vitamins and nutrients. This natural sugar can use in many diets due to its high fiber, but that does not mean that dates consume in large quantities. Dates are high in calories, so it is best to eat them with caution.

dates and weight loss - Are Dates Good for Weight Loss?

Why are Dates important for health?

Dates are one of the most prolific foods on earth. Because of having protein and nutrient ingredients, you can consume dates as the most beneficial snacks. By comparing dried dates with fresh dates, it can conclude that fresh dates have fewer calories. Putting fresh dates in the diet is a better chooses than dried dates. But, the shelf life of dried dates is much longer due to the lack of water.

When you want to lose weight, it is important to calculate your daily calories. If you are a fan of dates, we want to introduce you to date calories and their role in slimming diets.

Date Carbohydrates:

Dates have a little over 5 grams of carbohydrates, most of which make from sugar. Dates are sweet because they are high in fructose, which is twice as sweet as glucose. On average, each date contains about half a gram of fiber. When the fruit rips, the number of sugar increases, and the number of fiber decreases. The glycemic index of dates can be between 43 and 55, depending on the type and level of ripeness. Dates, despite sweet, are surprisingly low in sugar because all sugar in dates is natural.

Date protein:

Dates provide a small amount of protein.


Vitamins and minerals:

Dates are a good source of potassium, magnesium, and iron. Also provide essential B vitamins, including folate and pantothenic acid. Dates also have high concentrations of polyphenols (an antioxidant that, along with beneficial phytoestrogens, protects against cell damage).

Dates raisins and dried berries - Are Dates Good for Weight Loss?

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Do dates have more calories than raisins and dried berries?

In many countries, some people consume artificial sweeteners with tea. But in the south of Iran, eating dates with tea is popular. We know high sugar intake can cause obesity and damage teeth. It is why many people try to substitute sugary dried fruits for sugar. In terms of nutritional value, there is a difference between sugar and dried fruits.

Sugar has only calories without any nutrients but, dried fruits are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

It is a good idea to use dried fruit with tea, but many people think that the sugar in dried fruits is natural and harmless, and they can use these foods as much as they want. These people should know that dried fruits are high in calories, and their sugar absorbs easily. Therefore, excessive consumption of dried fruits is also harmful to health. You can use fresh or dried dates, raisins, dried berries, and dried figs with tea. The following table will help you compare these foods in terms of calories:

Food Amount Calories
Fresh dates 100gr 282
Dried dates 100gr 319
Raisins 100gr 299
Dried berries 100gr 365
Dried fig 100gr 249
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Dates in diet

Dates have been used as a natural sweetener for centuries in the Middle East and some African cultures. Dates can be eaten fresh, but many other countries are more familiar with eating dried dates. Dried dates have a partly small amount of water and sugar, like other dried fruits, so dried dates have more calories than fresh dates.

IranianDates 300x225 - Are Dates Good for Weight Loss?

Can dates be part of a Weight Loss Plans?

Yes, dates are recommended in this type of diet. However, none of the fruits and vegetables should be the only source of your diet. For maximum health benefits in your diet, use a variety of fruits and vegetables. If you are looking to eat dates, keep these tips in mind:

  • Like all dried fruits, you should eat dates in moderation. Dried dates have a small amount of water and more carbohydrates and fiber. If you consume too much in one day, it may cause stomach cramps or other unpleasant digestive problems.
  • Be careful of the number of dates consumed. Eating too many dates can provide a lot of sugar, which may not be helpful for some people who are looking to lose weight, especially if you follow a low-sugar diet.
  • If you want to consume dates, use them with a healthy source of fat and protein for a balanced snack. For example, combine dates with cheese, plain yogurt, nuts, or salty foods.



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