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Everything you need to know about Dates Paste

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The properties of dates are known all over the world. In many countries of the world, using dates as a supplement or snack is very common. Industries and products of developed countries have moved towards the use of natural sweeteners. Using organic and natural food to improve society’s health is regularly promoted. Organic food such as dates and honey is in the diet of many people in these countries.

Many people do not consume dates in their daily diet but use date products to provide energy and properties. Products produce from dates such as date paste, date juice, date vinegar, date sauce, date cream, and date sugar. About Date paste, which fortunately has been very popular and people interested in buying this product is increasing every day.  It has made Dates Paste one of the best-selling products in domestic and global markets.

Date Paste Export - Everything you need to know about Dates Paste

What is date paste?

Dates paste is made of fresh pitted dates without any preservative or additive. Sometimes Some other natural products are added to date paste to boost the flavor. These products include walnuts, hazelnuts, sesame seeds. Date paste is sweet and a very nutritious substance that can eat for breakfast and afternoon snacks. Further, it can be used as a condiment or marmalade to produce a variety of desserts or cakes. Additionally, you can add to a paleo diet, sugar-free diet, or vegan diet to get more natural and beneficial sugar.

Amount per 100 gr
Energy 290 Kcal
Protein 2.7
Fat 0.15
Fructose 36.1
Dextrose 34
Brix 76 +/- 1


How to consume Date paste?

Date paste is consumed directly as a healthy spread, healthy breakfast, or mixed with other ingredients in many types of snacks. Today, many food industries use date paste as a sweetener to increase the health and quality of their products. They can add a wide range of customers to their customer lists.

Industries that use date paste include the confectionery industry, biscuits, cake, truffle and cookie, and children’s food factories.


  • Spread Date paste on toast as breakfast or afternoon snack
  • Add this natural sweetener instead of sugar to cake and dessert recipes
  • Make smoothies or add to ice creams
  • Filling for biscuits, pastries, cookies, cake, and other confectionery goods
  • Make energy bars, fruit bars, and healthy snacks
  • Healthy ingredient in Babies food and snacks

everything about dates paste - Everything you need to know about Dates Paste

How to make Date paste?

Date paste is a semi-solid compound that is prepared by fresh pitted dates.

The main stages of production include:

  • disinfecting and fumigating
  • Date fruits pass through the process of separation of calyx and seeds
  • cleaning and Peeling dates
  • Pasteurization
  • chopping and pressing
  • Final homogenization
  • Packing

The final date paste product is used as an organic sweetener for products.

What are the benefits of using Date paste?

It has all the nutrition facts that Dates fruits have.

 lowering cholesterol

Date paste contains a lot of soluble fiber. This fiber increases the HDL (“good” cholesterol) in the blood and also reduces and controls the LDL (“bad” cholesterol).

Can Aid Bone Strength Improvement

As you know, the main ingredient in date paste is date fruit, which contains a significant amount of minerals such as selenium, magnesium, manganese, copper, and calcium. All of these minerals play an essential role in keeping bones healthy and preventing osteoporosis.

 Promoting Digestion

When you use date paste as a natural sweetener, not only do you get rid of the harmful substances of sugar and other artificial sweeteners, but it also receives the fiber the body needs.  The Fiber and Magnesium in this delicious paste speed up the metabolism, empty the intestines, and eliminate constipation.

Help cure anemia

Date paste is a plant source of iron that can help prevent anemia and iron deficiency. Iron and vitamins C and D in dates promote blood formation and strengthen the body and immunity. Furthermore, this combination of vitamins and minerals creates an elastic structure in the skin, which helps improve the skin’s health.

Improve immune system

This paste contains dates’ antioxidants, so it plays a role in supporting the immune system. It can be effective for cardiovascular, nerves, respiratory tract, and chest and throat pain to cure colds and infectious diseases.

Dates Paste2 - Everything you need to know about Dates Paste

Can diabetes patients use date paste?

Perhaps a big question that comes to your mind is: Can Diabetics use date paste or not?

It is natural for many people to be concerned about the high sugar content in dates and date paste, but research has shown that “date paste” like “dates” generally have a low glycemic index. The balanced consumption of dates for diabetics is 2 or 3 Dates per day, and eating dates in the right amount does not raise their blood sugar. But the number of dates in date paste is more than 3, which is a little more than the average they can consume in a day. They should consult their doctor or nutritionist before including this natural sweet in their daily diet.


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