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Freeze-dried herbs

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What are freeze-dried herbs? what is the difference between herbs and freeze-dried herbs?

In nature, many substances are beneficial to the health of the body.

The use of fruits and vegetables naturally allows us to enter the body completely without any change.

Some fruits and herbs may not be available all year.

That’s why we use Freeze-drying process.

The answers to these questions and everything you need to know about freeze-dried herbs is here.

Amazing Facts About Freeze-Dried Herbs

Herbs are the usable parts of herbaceous plants. In general use, herbs have an important role in the smell of food. Also, herbs are used in many parts of Europe for scientific and well-known methods in the treatment of diseases, and most of these drugs are also prescribed as a supplement to new therapies. These plants are irrigated away from chemical fertilizers and irrigated by rain and are grown under sunlight, and compared to artificially grown herbs, they have different flavor and nutrition, and naturally organic. At first, you may think that herbs and spices are similar but there are differences between these two categories. Herbs are derived from the leafy and green parts of a plant while spices are extracted from the other parts of the plant – the roots, stems, bark, seeds, and bulb.

Freeze-dried herbs healthy

Freeze-dried herbs are very fragrant and rich in vitamins and minerals. Today, the use of freeze-dried herbs is prevalent in Germany, Austria, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland. Considering the importance of freeze-dried herbs in this period, in addition to natural herbs such as mint and tea, the use of plant extracts and pure chemicals extracted from the plant are also used after laboratory tests in the treatment of diseases. Consuming herbs may help to prevent and manage heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. While more research is needed to confirm their medicinal and health benefits.

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Freeze drying processes to remove moisture from herbs to preserve them. With this method, their useful life increases and they are also ready for transportation due to lightness. Freezing Drying is the best and most effective method of dehydration. The reason for this is maintaining the quality of the herbs; it means that the smell, shape, and form of the material retain better quality than other drying methods. The main goal of freeze-drying herbs is to increase its shelf life while maintaining its quality. Among the methods of drying food, Freezing Drying is closer to the desired result because of this method maintains herbs structure and taste.

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Advantages freeze-dried herbs

Generally, the benefits of freeze-drying can be expressed as follows

  • Due to the freeze drying process at low temperatures and the rapid removal of water due to sublimation, the storage life of the herbs increases. If the drying, packing, and storage in the ideal condition are carried out properly, the shelf life can be increased to 24 months.
  • Due to the process at low temperature, the nutrients and color of the materials are preserved. Freeze dried herbs preserves the shape and characteristics of softness and crispness. Also, the types of vitamin in freeze dried herbs remain intact. But in traditional drying methods it eliminates the nutritional value of up to 50% because of the use of high temperatures.
  • reduce the energy consumption compared to vacuum freeze drying while maintaining a high product quality.
  • The weight of the freeze-dried products is reduced by 70 to 90 percent, with no change in volume and easy to transport.

Freeze drying steps

Freeze Draining consists of three steps.

The first and most important of which is freezing. If the process of Freeze Drawing works well, it saves up to 30% at a drying time. There are various ways to freeze the product. Freezing can occur in a freezer, a cold bath or in a row of freezer dry. Cooling to a temperature below the triple point ensures that the frozen moisture is directly steamed instead of melting. In this case, the physical form of the material is also maintained.

The second stage in freezing is the initial drying or sublimation. At this step, the pressure of the system is reduced. Creating a vacuum increases sublimation velocity. Also. Engineers use a condenser to integrate and solidify produced water vapor. At this stage, about 95% of the moisture and water contained in the matter is separated from it. Initial drying may be slow. If heat to the material is large, it changes the structure of the material.

The third step of freeze-drying, secondary drying, water molecules are cut off. As the temperature rises to the initial drying stage, residual bonds between herbs and water molecules disappear. The herbs that are dried in the Freeze Drying process, its structure is maintained in the form of interconnected. After the freezing process is completed and before the freeze-dried herbs are sealed, the vacuum can be removed with an inert gas. Most materials can dry up to 1 to 5% moisture.

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Freeze-dried herbs bulk

The goal of freeze-drying is to produce a substance with good shelf life. Also, It is unchanged after reconstitution with water, although this depends also very much on the packing and conditions of storage. Sunexport is an Iranian company that has been in business(Exporting high-quality Iranian products) for about fifteen years. We are committed to the company to provide our Iranian products like freeze-dried herbs in a completely healthy and natural process. Freeze-dried herbs that you purchase will be fresh, high quality and free of any contamination. We are using our entire experience to maintain the correct properties of the freeze-drying temperature.

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