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Date seed benefits and uses

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date kernel - Date seed benefits and uses

Dates seed form about 10% of the whole weight of dates. Seeds are produced as waste from dates in many date processing factories, such as Dates syrup, Dates Paste, Dates Sauce, and Dates alcohol, and in some countries, some of this kernel use to feed the livestock, which that product is called Dates seed powder. Dates have a low oil content, while its core contains 7.7 to 12.7 percent oil. In addition, during a specific process, dates kernels can turn into decaffeinated coffee and use it as a beverage.

Uses of Dates seed

dates oil - Date seed benefits and uses

 Dates seed oil

Dates seed oil has many therapeutic and medicinal benefits. The protein in dates seeds oil is more than dates fruit, and it has a variety of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins that makes it useful for the treatment of many diseases. Oil color, which prepares from dates kernels, is reddish yellow various products produce with it.

  •  Application of date palm oil in cosmetic products
  •  Date palm oil in food production
  •  Application in the manufacture of UV protection products

Purchasing date kernel oil can be due to its use in the production of various products:

  • Application of palm kernel oil in cosmetic products
  • Improve sunburn, treat acne and wounds

Linoleic acid in palm kernel oil can be effective in treating many wounds. The presence of natural antioxidants such as phenols and tocopherols in palm kernel oil can prevent oxidative damage to keratinocytes caused by the deposition of hydrogen peroxide on the skin. In addition, palm kernel oil can protect the skin from oxidative stress damage caused by hydrogen peroxide through the process of fat peroxidation, which performs better than olive oil.

Date kernel oil is undoubtedly one of the sources of minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients for the body! The minerals and vitamins in palm kernel oil include the following:

Minerals Vitamins
  • potassium
  • Calcium
  •  Iron
  •  Roy
  • magnesium
  • Phosphate
  • Group A vitamins
  • B vitamins
  •  Vitamin K


It also contains large amounts of acids, fats, varieties of proteins, and other substances that the body needs.

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Dates seed powder - Date seed benefits and uses

Dates seed powder

The animal feed type of this powder provides by grind the date kernels whit a specific grinding machine in several steps.

The main feature of this product is disease-free and has proper durability. This natural powder of Dates helps fattening animals and has protein, energy, minerals, fiber that can increase production efficiency. A percentage of this substance in the production process can be a good substitute for barley, corn, and soy.

Roosted Dates seed powder (Dates coffee)

Dates seed coffee is decaffeinated coffee and can be used instead of coffee, which has amazing properties. Also, it is a better alternative for those who are allergic to caffeine and have caffeine intolerance or gastroesophageal reflux disease.

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Did you know what the properties of dates seeds are?

Dates Seed sunexport - Date seed benefits and uses

Treatment of diarrhea

One of the properties of date seeds is treating digestive problems and chronic diarrhea. This fruit is an excellent disinfectant and kills bacteria in the digestive tract.

Heart vessels

Dates kernel is rich in antioxidants and phenolic acids. These substances have anti-atherogenic effects and help prevent clogging of the arteries. Dates seed oil has very little cholesterol and has a variety of vitamins and minerals that are good for health, and therefore it is recommended for cardiovascular patients.


One of the surprising properties of Dates kernel is the healing of the wound. Many purulent wounds or scars can treat with this feature. Due to this excellent property, many manufacturers of cosmetics use date seed oil in their products. Dates seed coffee also helps treat dandruff and hair loss.

Athletes diet

Date kernels can use as a dietary supplement in athletes’ diets. These kernels have many polyphenols such as tannins, and consume dates kernel powder helps restore the strength of athletes, especially athletes who are losing weight. The high amounts of fiber in date kernels cause stomach fullness, slow down digestion, and creates long-term satiety in the consumer.

Therefore, the use of bread containing palm kernel powder, especially at breakfast, can cause lasting satiety throughout the day and control blood sugar. Also, it recommends for people with digestive problems such as gastroesophageal reflux disease and heartburn.

Antiviral properties

Date kernels act as an antiviral against some pathogenic viruses in humans. This property can be effective and helpful in the prevention and treatment of some viral diseases. Studies have shown that palm seed extract can prevent infection with Pseudomonas and Lysis.


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