Dates can be considered one of the best and most wondrous fruits in producing energy and improving health.
Date seeds have several amazing medicinal attributes. Some of them include:

This powder prepare from date seeds, which have unique features. For maintaining those features, they need to prepare in the appropriate conditions with acceptable equipment.

Date seed powder has two types, and two types include:

You can use Date kernel powder ( is provided for the human) like tea, coffee, or even use in some food.
Consumption of Date seed coffee gets you a significant amount of fiber, a variety of vitamins B, A, and E, as well as minerals including iron, zinc, and selenium so that in addition to creating a sense of freshness, it has many benefits for you.

Sun Export guarantees that both varieties of this powder are from organic and hand-picked date seeds also do not contain any chemicals, additives, or preservatives. We provide you with Iranian Date seed powder products from the real Dates seed.
Maintaining the health of our consumers and their satisfaction guarantees the quality of our products.

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