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Can You Eat Fruit If You Have Diabetes?

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People with type 2 diabetes can adjust their blood sugar levels by controlling their diet and relieve hunger. In patients with diabetes, blood sugar and glucose levels are higher than usual. Their diet sets according to the amount of blood sugar they have in different meals.

The diabetes diet is different from other people. Opposite many people’s beliefs avoiding eating sugar and sweets is not the only essential rule. To control blood sugar, 6 meals recommended par a day, which includes three main meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and three snacks.

As we know, most fruits contain sugar, and also eating fruit is a pleasant way to satisfy hunger and provide the vitamins the body needed. But is fruit suitable for people with diabetes?

What is the glycemic index?

The method for selecting appropriate fruits and other high-carbohydrate foods for a person with diabetes is the Glycemic Index (GI). Each food has GI scores and this scores on a scale of 1 to 100. This scale shows how fast food can raise blood sugar levels. Foods in a high GI are absorbed faster than other foods. Low GL foods are better for controlling blood sugar.

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Glycemic Index Chart For Some Fruits:

Below is a list of fruits, according to the GI Index, as reported by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Fruits Glycemic index
(glucose = 100)
Serving size (grams) Glycemic load per serving
Apple, average 39 129 6
Banana, ripe 62 120 16
Dates, dried 42 60 18
Grapefruit 25 120 3
Grapes, average 59 120 11
Orange, average 40 120 4
Peach, average 42 120 5
Peach, canned in light syrup 40 120 5
Pear, average 38 120 4
Pear, canned in pear juice 43 120 5
Prunes pitted 29 60 10
Raisins 64 60 28
Watermelon 72 120 4


Harmful fruits for diabetics patients have a high Glycemic index or diabetics eat them to the point of satiety, which leads to high blood sugar. For example, a mango contains 45 grams of sugar, which is a lot. If you are in control of your weight and the amount of sugar you consume, mango is not a suitable choice for you.

The main point is the amount of fruit consumed according to their Glycemic index, as well as maintaining a diet. So, to control blood sugar, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet, exercise, enough sleep, and low stress. The diet of diabetics should be low in fat and medium in calories and low in sugar.

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Low GI and GL fruits

Foods with 55 GI or less, which includes many fruits, have a suitable glycemic index. These foods are more useful for adjusting blood sugar than other foods with a high glycemic index.

Apples- avocados- bananas- berries- berries- cherries- grapefruit- grapes- kiwi fruit- nectarines- orange- peaches- pears- plums- strawberries

Medium-GI fruits (GI of 56 to 69)

Honeydew Melon-Figs-Papayas-Pineapples Mango

High-GI fruits

Dates- Watermelon-Grapes-

Dried fruits

Dried fruits have four to five times more calories and carbohydrates than fresh fruits (in equal weight). If the number of carbohydrates in them doesn’t count correctly, they can increase blood sugar. Fresh and frozen fruits are better than Dried fruit, and fruit juice.

Benefits of fruit for diabetics:

Fruits play an essential role in helping people with diabetes because they absorb
sugar slowly, and also they provide fiber. A  soluble high-fiber diet can slow the
absorption of sugar and control sugar levels in the blood. Many fruits are rich in
fiber, especially those we eat with the skin or pulp. Many fruits keep us full for longer, due to their high fiber and water content.

Diets rich in fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of obesity, heart attack, and stroke. Obesity directly leads to type 2 diabetes. Fruits are a source of nutrients, so they are an excellent choice in the Diabetic diet. But processed juices cause their fiber loss, and their consumption should be limited.

How much fruit can consume diabetics fruit?

Many people with diabetes tend to stop or limit their fruit intake because they think their blood sugar increase by the fruits. But the most significant step for managing diabetes is maintaining a healthy diet. This diabetic diet considers the total amount of energy and calories they receive, which should not pass the specified values. The diets that usually set for these people include 3 to 4 units of fruit, 6 to 11 units of bread, and cereals.

Considering that fruit sugar is absorbed earlier than grain sugar and diabetic patients prefer to consume the sugar gradually but increasing fruit and reducing grains in the diet can upset its balance. Therefore, our advice to people is to follow a healthy balanced diet.





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