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Are nuts a healthy snack? | The benefits of nuts

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All Types of nuts contain unsaturated fatty acids and nutrients such as vitamins protein fiber, etc. Also, they have many health benefits. Some people think that nuts are fatty and harmful to heart health. Of course, nuts contain fat, but their fat is unsaturated, which decreases blood cholesterol and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Most nuts contain 90% unsaturated fatty acids.

On the other hand, eating nuts as a healthy snack is recommended to reduce the appetite for harmful foods. Besides, nuts and seeds have other benefits that justify adding them to your diet. Which type of nuts is healthier? Why is this snack known as valuable?

Nuts may lower cholesterol and triglycerides

Nuts have amazing effects on cholesterol and triglyceride levels. For example, research has shown that pistachios lower triglyceride levels in people with obesity or diabetes. Almonds and hazelnuts, on the other hand, increase good HDL cholesterol and lower LDL bad cholesterol. One study found that sliced or whole hazelnuts have similar effects on cholesterol levels.

About walnuts, another study on women with metabolic syndrome showed that eating one ounce (28 grams) of a mixture of walnuts, peanuts, and oak nuts every day for 6 weeks reduced all types of cholesterol except HDL significantly.

High blood pressure patients can eat nuts?

If Hypertension patients want to consume nuts, they should eat raw nuts as much as possible. Salted nuts forbid for these patients. If nuts consumed as a source of part of their daily energy moderately, are not harmful. But Hypertension patients should be aware of the dangers of salted nuts. Research has shown that eating salty nuts can threaten heart health in people with high blood pressure, and may even lead to heart attacks.

Are nuts good for heart health?

High LDL cholesterol is one of the primary causes of heart disease. Therefore, it seems that the ability of nuts to reduce adverse cholesterol (LDL) is effective in heart health. Eating nuts reduces the risk of developing blood clots that can cause fatal heart attacks. Nuts also help keep your arteries healthy.

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Roasted or raw nuts, which one is better?

Whatever nuts composition, we all prefer the roasted and flavored varieties because they are delicious. But what exactly is roasting nuts, and how is it done? Roasting is the process by which food is dried and cooked using direct heat without the use of oil and water (as heat transfer). The roasting process is a chemical operation that changes the composition of food proteins, which changes the taste of nuts and other kernels.

Also, for making the nuts more flavorful during roasting, usually, they add Lemon juice, vinegar, salt, sugar, and saffron. But the heat and the addition of different flavors affect the nutrient properties of nuts and the ability to absorb these nutrients.

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Roasting nuts effects on nutritional value

Changes in color, taste, texture, and appearance are non-enzymatic during roasting of nuts seeds. This process leads to the loss of the antioxidant attributes of nuts, the reduction of protein, and amino acids, which finally leads to a decrease in the nutritional value of nuts. Generally, roasting has harmful impacts on all nutrients in the brain, from fats, sugars, and proteins to vitamins.


Roasting reduces the oil stability of the nuts and oxidizes these fats. In fact, during roasting, the unsaturation of brain fat is reduced, as a result of which these compounds lose their anti-cancer, anti-aging, and protective properties against diabetes and other chronic diseases. In the process, it also destroys many of the heat-sensitive vitamins, such as vitamin B2, vitamin C, and vitamin E in the nuts.


The heat while roasting nuts, cause loss of some beneficial amino acids, or combines them.  Therefore, their ability to absorb in the body is greatly reduced. Also, the salt used to taste nuts has a destructive effect on many amino acids, so that cysteine, histidine, arginine, methionine, and tyrosine almost eliminate after roasting and adding salt. Therefore, roasting reduces the protein value.

Sugar compounds

In the process of roasting nuts, they use malt dextrin as a preservative.  This compound is high in sugar and raises the blood sugar of people with diabetes easily, while these people themselves are not aware of the cause of their high blood sugar. Although eating nuts can improve your health in different ways, including controlling diabetes and heart disease, lowering cholesterol, and triglyceride levels.

But, when you have one of these diseases, it’s important to consider the type and amount of nuts. If you have high blood pressure, you should pay attention to the salt content of roasted nuts because they can raise your blood pressure. Due to the above explanations and the negative effect of roasting on the properties of nuts, patients with hypertension, and diabetes should eat raw nuts instead of roasted nuts.


Almonds, raw (23 kernels) 164 14.3 1.1 0 3.4 6 70.4
Almonds, dry-roasted, salted (22 kernels) 170 15 1.1 96 3.4 6.3 75.5
Brazil nuts, dried (6 kernels) 186 18.8 4.3 1 2.1 4.1 45.4
Cashews, raw (18 kernels) 157 12.4 2.2 3 0.9 5.2 10.5
Cashews, oil-roasted, salted (18 kernels) 165 13.5 2.4 87 0.9 4.8 12.2
Hazelnuts, dry-roasted (18 kernels) 183 17.7 1.3 0 2.7 4.3 34.9
Macadamias, raw (12 kernels) 204 21.5 3.4 1 2.4 2.2 24.1
Macadamias, dry-roasted, salted (12 kernels) 203 21.6 3.4 75 2.3 2.2 19.8
Peanut, raw (31 kernels) 161 14 1.9 5 2.4 7.3 26.1
Peanut, oil-roasted, salted (31 kernels) 167 14.6 2.4 89 2.6 7.8 17
Pecan halves (19 halves) 196 20.4 1.8 0 2.7 2.6 19.8
Pine nuts, dried (167 kernels) 191 19.4 1.4 1 1 3.9 4.5
Pistachios, raw (49 kernels) 158 12.6 1.5 0 2.9 5.8 30.3
Pistachios, dry-roasted, salted (49 kernels) 161 13 1.6 115 2.9 6.1 31.2
Walnuts (14 halves) 185 18.5 1.7 1 1.9 4.3 27.8




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