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Dates Fruits Sale Offer

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The date is a fruit with amazing properties that is nearing its harvest season.
When you go shopping for dates, it may confuse your different names. but do not worry. SunExport company, one of the best dates exporter companies, inform you of the best tips on buying dates in addition to selling the best dates.

Things To Know About Buying Dates

  1. The first recommendation is to trust the dates seller.
  2. It is best to buy dates with proper packaging.
  3. When buying packaged dates, make sure the dates are fresh.
  4. Packing dates should not contain small junk. Be careful when buying dates. It is better to know the dates.

Things to Know About Keeping dates fruits

It is best to keep the date at the right temperature to prevent it from spoiling. Each date has its own unique temperature conditions.
Many people think that the proper temperature for holding dates is the same as the ambient temperature, but keeping the dates at ambient temperature is not good for the long term. If the date is stored at 0 ° C, it can be stored for six months to a year. If you want to keep the dates longer, you need to freeze them.

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