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Apples in pregnancy | 10 potential benefits & Side Effects

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Pregnant mothers need enough nutrients for themselves and their babies. Therefore, they must choose their food carefully. Having a balanced diet, which includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, ensures the health of mother and baby. One of these fruits, which is rich in nutrients, is apple.

Apples pregnancy 300x200 - Apples in pregnancy | 10 potential benefits &  Side Effects

Benefits of apples during pregnancy

Rich in antioxidants

Apples can provide the nutrients that pregnant women need. Also, the ability of apples to remove toxins from the body is amazing. Apples contain antioxidants, flavonoids, and polyphenols, which studies have proven, they have health benefits, especially for pregnant women. Flavonoids and polyphenols in apple fruit fight with free radicals in the body. Using antioxidants in the diet is essential for the mother and fetus because free radicals can damage fetal’s DNA and also affect their function.

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Constipation is one of the most common problems in pregnant women. Low fiber consumption causes this problem. In this case, you should take special measures because toxins remain in your body, and it can cause harm to the fetus. The fiber in apples is useful to facilitate the digestive process.

Blood Pressure

Changes in pregnant women include not only their physical condition but also their mental state. Some of these changes cause unstable blood pressure, which can lead to high blood pressure or hypertension. Apples contain substances which are useful for lowering cholesterol. Regular consumption of apple controls blood pressure and prevents the risk of high blood pressure.

 Reduced Swelling

Swelling occurs when large amounts of fluid accumulate in body tissues. During pregnancy, the body 50% more increases the production of blood and other fluids that are essential for the growth of the fetus. Potassium is a substance that can help reduce swelling during pregnancy. Potassium helps balance fluids in the body chemically. Many fruits and vegetables contain Potassium and other minerals. Considering apples are rich in Potassium, can help to reduce swelling.

Appetite Increase

Sometimes pregnant women lose their appetite because they feel nauseous. In the early months of pregnancy, pregnant women should consume nutrients. Consuming little amount of nutrients has a direct effect on baby health.  Therefore, having good eating habits are very important. Fresh Green apples or any juice made from green apples are useful for restoring appetite.

Increase Energy

The simple sugars in apples, including glucose, fructose, and turpentine, increase the energy of pregnant women immediately after consumption.

That’s why eating an apple when feeling very hungry can be helpful, because in some cases, the feeling of hunger in pregnant women occurs due to hypoglycemia in the body.

Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

Some sickness happens during pregnancy Diabetes is one of them. Gestational diabetes is dangerous for both mother and fetus because it prevents the fetus from growing. Apples contain natural sweeteners that can be absorbed by the body and also can balance blood sugar levels. Apples can maintain insulin longer and make you feel full. So eating green apples is useful for controlling blood sugar.

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Benefits of apples during pregnancy 300x200 - Apples in pregnancy | 10 potential benefits &  Side Effects

Prevent Anemia

As you know, the risk of anemia during pregnancy is higher. Ignoring its importance may lead to preterm birth or low birth weight babies. Apples are rich in iron, and regular consumption helps increase the level of hemoglobin in the pregnant women’s body. For this reason, eating apples is effective in preventing anemia in pregnant women.

Lowering Cholesterol

During pregnancy, high cholesterol is essential to produce steroids such as estrogen and progesterone, and the fetus uses cholesterol for the health of the brain, and organs and the mother’s blood cholesterol level naturally rises. On the other hand, excessive blood pressure can also put the life of the mother and baby at greater risk, so pregnant women should control changes their blood pressure. Another significant benefit of apples for pregnant mothers is the ability to lower high cholesterol. Some causes make high cholesterol during pregnancy, which eating apples is helpful to control that.

Reduce Nausea

One of the common problems in pregnancy is nausea and heartburn or acid reflux. Gastric acid increases and causes nausea during this period. Regular consumption of apples is a natural way to overcome this problem. The nutrients in apples can reduce gastric acid. The slightly sour taste of apples is also good for reducing nausea.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Disruption of the body’s metabolism

Excessive consumption of apples increases carbohydrate intake during the day, which leads to increased blood sugar levels in pregnant women. In this case, it reduces the body’s metabolism and prevents fat burning and causes pregnant women will gain weight.

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

A medium-sized apple has 70 calories. Excessive consumption of apple fruit increases their calorie intake during the day. As a result, it will cause gain weight. A well-balanced diet is very helpful for pregnancy.


Nutrition Facts of Apples

Serving Size 100 g
Amount Per Serving Calories 52
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 0.2g 0 %
Sodium 1mg 0 %
Total Carbohydrate 14g 5 %
Dietary Fiber 2.4g 9 %
 Sugar 10g
Protein 0.3g 1 %
Vitamin D 0.00mcg 0 %
Calcium 6.00mg 0 %
Iron 0.12mg 1 %
Potassium 107mg 2 %
* The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.



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