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Export Date syrup to Oman

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Considering the development and economic growth of Oman, the volume of trade with Oman is increasing. Naturally, the geographical location of Iran and Oman has facilitated trade between the two countries.

Also, the capacities in Oman, including the appropriate political relations of this country with other governments in the world, access to high seas, have made Oman play a significant role in supplying Iranian products to neighboring countries.

Due to having three free trade zone, Oman is an excellent destination for Iranian companies, especially in the field of the food industry, which want to invest in one of these areas and process their products and export them to countries around the world, including African and European countries.

Therefore, trade with the southern neighbor can be beneficial for many Iranian traders and exporters.

Oman is one of the oldest customers of SunExport’s products that even, during pandemic coronavirus, our export has continued.

The most important reason our exports to this country have continued during these years is the quality of our products both in the field of Iranian dates and date products. The reputation of our company comes from our quality.

Date syrup is one of our popular products to export in this region.


Export to Oman in Retail packages (August 2020)


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