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Export Date Products To Oman in March 2021

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SunExport Company, an Iranian exporting company that exports date products to many countries, has succeeded in achieving a strong position in the Oman market by providing high-quality products.

In March 2021, SunExport exported these products to Oman: Date paste, date sauce, date syrup, date seed powder (date coffee), and date cream.


As date products are very popular in Oman, the export of this product is increasing. Of course, factors such as quality and taste are very significant.

Date products are an energy foodstuff that you can put in both meals, and as a snack also, products are used in children’s food due to their numerous properties.


  • Date syrup is one of the date fruit products that find in different types in the markets. Dates fruits, which use to make syrup, are very diverse, so the syrup from these dates each has a specific color.

You can get more information about the benefits of date syrup from the following link.


  • Date sauce with a different taste than regular sauces can be a healthy alternative to other sauces. In addition to flavoring foods, this sauce can give some of the properties of dates.
  • Date paste, a popular product used in the confectionery and bakery industry, has a special place by its unique taste and nutrients.
  • Date Cream (Date Chocolate) is a very delicious and healthy product that can consume for breakfast, and like other date products, it contains high nutrients and energy.
  • Date seed powder (date coffee) is the powder, that after a specific process ready to consume as beverages. You can consume this product like coffee and enjoy its properties.