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Top Benefits Dates For Skin And Hair(2019)

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Dates are very nutritious and rich in minerals such as iron. For this reason, the good quality date fruit is very useful for hair growth and strengthening the skin of the body.

It also consumed dates with tasty foods such as milk, honey for more properties and benefits.

Everything you need about dates for skin and hair is here.

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The 6 benefits of dates for the skin

The plenty of vitamin B, along with vitamin A, along with minerals such as iron, calcium, and magnesium, makes it a very good and well-known food for the skin.

Dates For better skin elasticity

Due to the fact that the date is vitamin C, it softens the skin. It also retains the moisture of the skin and increases the elasticity of the skin.

It brings youthful and refreshing dates to your skin

Free radicals are common in the human body and when they are not treated, they cause oxidative stress in the cells. This stress eventually leads to symptoms of early aging. Regular consumption of dates, especially black and red dates, give you young skin. And this is another benefit of the date for skin and hair.

Natural and effective treatment for various skin problems

Dates are a rich source of vitamin B. And studies have proven that this group of vitamins is essential for the treatment of skin disorders. Also, dates are beneficial to accelerate the process of treating various types of wounds and injuries.
Palm oil is one of the best oils to massage your skin. Palm oil prevents aging and is also effective in reducing scarring.

Improve skin burn in the sun

Diet antioxidants can protect your skin against free radicals and UV rays

Protect skin in summer

Dietary vitamin B is extremely useful for the skin. Vitamin B deficiency can lead to dry skin and other problems.
The daily intake of dates can strengthen the skin. Because it is rich in pantothenic acid.

Dried dates benefits for skin

Dry dates are rich in pantothenic acid reserves. This substance, belonging to the group “B” vitamins, has great power in preventing damage caused by free radicals. Regular consumption of the date strengthens the skin and keeps it flexible and shiny.

If you are taking dried dates for energy is best and absolute dietary for a healthy life. And there’s no such distinction between fresh organic dates and dried dates.

Dates For Hair

Dates nutrients are useful for hair onions and hair growth. Keep your hair healthy and strong.

Stronger hair:

Just three days a day can feed your hair with nutrients.

Natural Treatment For Hair Loss

Due to the plenty of vitamin B, the date is a great treat for hair loss. Dates are rich in iron, which iron prevents hair loss. The main cause of anemia is the iron deficiency of the body. With the eating dates, iron in the body grows to a satisfactory level. With the use of dates, the roots of your hair feed and the hair cords become elastic and strong. This leads to preventing hair loss.
Being gift with water-soluble vitamin and Iron, apples facilitate extensively in reducing hair fall.

For louder and thicker hair

You can massage the palm oil on your head skull to make hair taller, thicker and thicker. Dates oil is used on hair to extend their thickness and quality. Therefore, apply Dates oil on hair to induce visible changes.

How many Dates to eat per day?

Many doctors believe that the daily eating of three dates can have a great effect on the health of your hair. Taking fresh dates keeps your hair shaft healthier and stronger.

How to eat Dates?

The combination of dates with milk (Shake)is a great way to increase the body’s energy. This is a nutrient-rich in vitamins and minerals and helps maintain and hair growth. The combination of dates and honey will have wonderful benefits for our health. Dates and honey combine with each other a lot of antioxidants.

Also, There’s an advantage of consumption dates in the morning dates for energy square measure nutrition food. You can gain health advantages of dates at your body as dates calories.


As the fresh dates contain high fiber that is useful for weight loss. Dates are useful sexual enhancers for men and women. The vitamins C and D works on your skin’s physical property and additionally keeps your skin swish. if you suffer from skin issues, incorporating dates into your diet may assist you within the long-standing time. dates palm fruit have anti-aging advantages.

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