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How to Increase Metabolism In Healthy Ways 

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Metabolism is The process in which the body’s cells change food consumed into energy. The increase or decrease in the rate of metabolism has a direct effect on weight loss or gain. For controlling weight and maintain muscle tissue, you should be able to control the increase in metabolism and its decrease.

Usually, the body’s metabolic rate is different for each person. Exercising, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water are the most significant factors that help speed up the body’s metabolism. The body’s metabolism can also increase by the appropriate diet.


Type of Metabolism

Catabolism and Anabolism

Catabolism is the breakdown of molecules to obtain energy. This process uses larger compounds to make smaller and produces energy during the process. Catabolism provides the energy that you need for physical activity. The process of catabolism in cells breaks down polymers and turns them into monomers. For example, starch converts to glucose.


Anabolism is The synthesis of all the compounds required by cells is associated. Anabolism allows the body to make new cells and maintain existing tissues. The anabolic reaction in the body uses simple chemical compounds to create large complex molecules, for example, bone growth and increased muscle tissue. Anabolic hormones include

  • growth hormone
  • testosterone
  • estrogen

Bodyweight is the result of catabolism minus anabolism.

Nutrition is the key to metabolism. Metabolism depends on nutrients that breaking down to produce energy. Food provides a variety of materials that use to build, maintain, and repair body tissues as well as their proper function. The main ingredients for energy production are carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Also, vitamins, minerals, and water are essential.


How to keep the body metabolism high 

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Add protein to Your Meals

The body needs protein to maintain muscle tissue. Protein can increase calorie burning by up to 35%. Generally, eating increases metabolism for a few hours, but this increase is higher after eating protein-rich foods. The reason is, the body needs extra calories to digest, absorb, and process food, which is called the thermal effect of food (TEF). Also, boosting your metabolism, protein helps you eat less.


Get the Enough Sleep

Enough sleep is one of the essential factors which you should pay attention to that because a lack of sleep causes disorders in the nervous system and appetite. Insomnia increases the risk of overweight.

This overweight may be due to the negative effect of insomnia on metabolism. Lack of sleep causes insulin resistance and high blood sugar levels and also increases the hunger hormone, ghrelin, and decreases the satiety hormone, leptin.

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Drink More Water

The human body needs water to burn calories. If Your body becomes a little dehydrated, your metabolic rate may slow down. Research has proved that adults who drink eight glasses or more of water a day have a faster metabolic rate than adults who drink four glasses. Use a glass of water or sugar-free drinks before each main meal or snack to keep your body hydrated.


Any activity that can increase your heart rate by a maximum of 50 to 75% can adjust your metabolism. It is better to exercise before breakfast.

Dumbbells and deadlifts have a significant effect on increasing the body’s metabolism. Dumbbells and deadlifts have a significant effect on increasing the body’s metabolism. Doing strength training, even for half an hour, repeated twice a week, can significantly increase your metabolic rate.
High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the fat-burning exercise that a person does a rapid and explosive activity at maximum power. These types of exercises are fat-burning and help increase metabolism. So, you can add HIIT to the dumbbell and deadlift.

Green Tea

Green tea is a rich source of a special kind of antioxidant called Catechin that helps boost the body’s metabolism. Catechin is an antioxidant that helps release fat from fat cells and speeds up the process of converting body fat into energy.

Scientific research has shown that green tea increases metabolism by 5 to 17%. Besides, green tea is low in calories and is a healthy drink to lose or prevent gain weight.

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Spicy Foods

Spicy foods contain chemical compounds that increase metabolism. Food that cooks with a teaspoon of pieces of red or green pepper can help you burn more calories. Hot peppers contain capsaicin. The capsaicin in hot peppers is a thermogenic chemical, and eating it causes you to burn an extra 90 calories right after a meal.


Caffeine speeds up the central nervous system and thus boosts metabolism. Drinking coffee after exercise is beneficial because it causes glycogen in the muscle to increase by 66%, and this allows the muscles to replenish their energy sources quickly. Therefore, drinking coffee can significantly increase your metabolism significantly and help you lose weight.

Add seafood to The Salad

Having a salad rich in fiber and nutrients is very beneficial for lunch or dinner, and adding something else to it can more effective on the body’s metabolism. Eating salmon will give you omega-3 fatty acids. Researchers have found that using fish oil as a dietary supplement increases muscle mass and reduces fat, and they believe that fish oil lowers the level of body fat-storage enzymes.



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