Fruits are an indispensable source of minerals and are a good source of vitamins. They also contain fiber and can help protect contrast some diseases including cancer and Alzheimer’s. Fruits and their derived products have the richest source of phytonutrients (phenolic, flavonoids, and carotenoids), vitamins (vitamin C, folic acid, and provitamin A), organic acids, and fiber. The majority of fruits are short-lived. Also, many fruits belong to distinct weather zones. Therefore, there are many procedures that help us using from benefits of fruits without losing any of their features. Fortunately, fruits can be processed into products like fruit concentratedried fruits-fruit juice-freeze dried fruits.

what is fruit concentrate?

Fruit concentrate is fruit that amount of water in the fruit decreases in the special process. This product was established in large part because lower volume makes products cheaper to ship and store. As a result, fruit concentarte is a great way for get fresh material that are useful for body health and safeguard. Furthermore, can help you to:

  • Lower your risk of disease
  • Improve digestion
  • Enhance happiness

These products are important for children growth as well. The most important reason behind the large-scale production/demand for fruit concentrates is their distinguished enjoyable

taste and healthy nutritional profile.

We export different types of Iranian concentrated on the highest quality around the world. Also, We are proud to produce organic products from the best fruits available and provide a list that covers all of the human demand for vitamins. So In the near future will add more fruit concentrate

Our products include:
Barberry Concentrate
Pomegranate concentrate
Cherry Concentrate
Apple Concentrate
Grape Concentrate

Satisfaction for the customer with honest business is our goal. We are surely able to respond appropriately to the economic demands of our customers.

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