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Best Iranian Nuts and Dried Fruits

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From ancient times, nuts and dried fruit are a product of renowned Iranian origin for the whole world. The main birthplace of nuts and dried fruits is Iran. In the old days, the old Iranian veterinarian used nuts as drugs for the treatment of various diseases along with herbal medicines. In ancient Persian traditions such as Newroz or Yalda, Nuts and dried fruits have a special place. The export of nuts and dried fruits is one of the goals of Iranian businessmen and traders. As a result, Iranian merchants, with the best quality nuts, have tried to maintain the position of this brand.

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The first principle in the field of export of nuts and dried fruit is to obtain the necessary standards for exports to the country concerned. Each country has its own standards and conditions for the import and supply of Iranian food.
The second issue is to look at the target market in that country.

The next point in terms of exporting nuts is packaging and weight. Usually dried fruits, due to long distances on ships or aircraft, are subject to adverse weather conditions and even pollution. Not paying attention to the right time for export, the type and weight of packaging, and the adoption of proper policies in the export of nuts can draw the confidence of the destination market for Iranian nuts and dried fruits.
However, exports of nuts and dried fruits are the first place in non-oil exports to Iran. Considering the importance of this brand in Iran, it is imperative that our businessmen and politicians pay special attention to the export of Iranian nuts and dried fruits. Iran is in a good position in the field of nut products. The use of experience in addition to modern science has increased the export of Iranian nuts and dried fruit.

Iran dry fruits and nuts

Among the Iranian dried fruit and nuts, some dried items are more expensive than other items. Iranian pistachios are one of the most popular nuts among the people of Iran and the world. This popular nut has the most value in exporting dried fruits. Apart from pistachios, pistachio is also one of the most valuable types of nuts. Pistachios are useful nuts because of the high levels of copper, magnesium. Also. Iranian pistachios have all kinds of vitamins, including the various vitamins of the B group, for the immune system.

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Raisins are an Iranian dried fruit that has profitable exports to Iran. Iran raisins are one of the most delicious types of green raisins in the world. Sunexport’s brand today is one of the best-selling green raisins in the market. The vast amount of green raisin antioxidants is one of the best-known substances in the world to prevent the growth of cancer cells. Calcium Raisin is very suitable for preventing osteoporosis and bone strengthening.

Fig, compared to other dried fruit has special fans in the export markets. The fig is rich in pectin, which is a kind of soluble fiber and lowers blood cholesterol levels. This dry weight is not significant in terms of dried fruit exports. So. it has tremendous growth in terms of profitability. In fact, the profitability of figs for Iranian merchants is high. Persian almond is a popular dry mix among the people of the world. Dehydrated almonds, which have special pharmaceutical applications, have also had a good place in the export market for dried fruits.

Also, Iranian barberry and walnuts grow well in export markets. As you know, Iran Barberry has a good and competitive quality. Walnuts also grow well in our country’s climate. The taste of Iranian walnuts is generally superior to other types of walnuts. Our company collects the best walnuts. Walnuts are delivered to the customer at the highest possible quality in the shortest possible time.

Why Sunexport?

Iran owns typical agricultural products in the world. A significant portion of the export share of products belongs to this area. Iran is in the first to third place in the world to produce 4 types of nuts. In this regard, Iran is among the leading countries in terms of pistachio, walnut, almond and hazelnut production.
Iran’s dried nut is the world’s first grade, with many customers around the world. According to many experts, pistachios, almonds, walnuts, and even hazelnuts have a far better taste than other countries in the world. This is due to the proper conditions for the cultivation of these products in Iran. According to the latest report, the export of nuts in Iran is $ 950 million. The most important part of Iran’s exports of nuts is for pistachios, which has earned about $ 1.2 billion in currency.

Today, some companies, such as Sunexport Corporation display the value of Iran’s dried-goods export products with economic approaches. Companies such as Sunexport Company that collects and purchases the best nuts in Iran. Also, the Sunexport Company, by categorizing these products and finally using all-mechanized machines, provides Persian nuts and dried fruits with a high-quality quality. For order and more information, Please contact us.